The One Pair of Grip Socks You Need for Spring this Year

The One Pair of Grip Socks You Need for Spring this Year


After enduring the chilly winds and snowy landscapes of January, it's finally time to bask in the warmth of the Spring breeze! As the seasons transition, I couldn't wait to show everyone the Spring 2024 Collection of Grip Socks. This collection is a celebration of everything I adore – a fusion of fun, style, and my beloved Spring colours.

I was truly taken aback when all my grip socks sold out within just 2.5 weeks of their launch. However, fret not, as we'll be restocking them in April. While I typically adhere to the rule of not restocking designs once they've sold out, I must confess that this will be a one-time exception. The restock will be in limited quantities though :)


With the Spring collection, my aim was to infuse each pair with the essence of joy and vitality that defines this vibrant season. Drawing inspiration from nature's renewal, I've curated a selection of grip socks that reflect my personal favourites, featuring designs that resonate with the spirit of Spring and sunny morning vibes.



Creating the Croissant socks has been a dream of mine since last year. The idea of encapsulating the charm of a freshly baked croissant into a pair of socks ignited my imagination, but bringing that vision to life was no easy feat. 

Embroidery, unlike painting, presents its own unique set of challenges. I quickly realized that I needed to strike the perfect balance between detail and simplicity to ensure that the croissant translated well onto fabric. Too much intricacy would overwhelm the design, while too little would fail to capture its essence.

One of the biggest hurdles I faced was finding the right colors to convey the warmth and richness of a freshly baked croissant. Through experimentation and trial and error, I finally stumbled upon the perfect combination of shades that brought my vision to life. The subtle interplay of golden browns and buttery yellows adds depth and dimension to the croissant, evoking the sensory experience of biting into a warm, flaky pastry.


The concept of the Donut Grip/Non-Slip socks was born out of my love for those delectable strawberry-flavored mochi donuts that have become a staple indulgence during my city adventures. One of my favorite spots, Mochido, never fails to delight with their irresistible array of pink-hued treats. The moment I tasted their signature creation, I knew I had to capture its whimsical charm in sock form.

Donuts hold a special place in the hearts of many, and it's no surprise that they've become a beloved dessert trend in the city. There's something undeniably delightful about sinking your teeth into a pillowy soft donut, infused with the sweet tanginess of strawberries.

With the Donut Grip socks, I hope to share a little piece of that joy and sweetness with each step. Whether you're exploring the city streets or simply lounging at home, let these whimsical socks serve as a delicious reminder to savor the simple pleasures that life has to offer.


The Classic Spring Coming socks serve as a timeless symbol of the gradual transition from winter's chill to the gentle warmth of spring. As the seasons shift, there's a palpable sense of anticipation in the air, and nowhere is this more evident than in the subtle transformation of the world around us.

The arrival of spring heralds a welcome change, casting aside the gray clouds of winter in favor of clearer skies and brighter days. With each passing moment, nature awakens from its slumber, bursting forth with vibrant hues of green, pink, and blue. It's as if the very essence of life is breathed anew, infusing the world with a sense of possibility and renewal.

I also thought this colour would be the most classic to be worn to pilates classes, and something that uniques and makes you stand out, but also not too overboard with colours.

I hope you enjoyed reading this and learning a bit more about the stories behind each design, filled with meanings! If you like my grip socks, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter so I can send you the latest updates!