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When I choose my wardrobe, my primary focus is on uniqueness. In a world saturated with fast fashion, it's all too common to come across clothing worn by many or designs that have grown stale over time. My goal is to create something truly distinctive, something that I myself would proudly wear.

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Meet Jenny, Our Founder

Hello! Thanks for stopping by 😊 Let me share a bit about myself. Before turning 26, I wasn't very active. It wasn't until after pregnancy that I realized I'd gained a significant amount of weight and was in an unhealthy state. Getting back to health required a dedicated commitment to healthy eating and an active lifestyle, something I'd never considered before (speaking from a girl who always get C- at her high school P.E. class with a comment "lack of enthusiasm"). During this transformation, I discovered fitness classes like weight training and Pilates, which quickly became my passions.

In this journey, I also discovered grip socks. I was amazed at how grip socks provided the stability I needed to perform at my best. They became an essential part of my routine, worn to classes, at home, to work, and everywhere in between, serving as a constant reminder to stay active.

Grip socks brought me immense joy and confidence. In early 2023, they even took me to the stage of the IFBB Bikini contest, where I placed 4th in my first-ever competition – all thanks to these socks that had been with me throughout my prep!

Inspired by my experience and the positive impact of grip socks, I created Alive & Aglow. My brand believes that everyone deserves support and empowerment in their wellness journey. I'm committed to offering high-quality grip socks that not only provide exceptional stability but also add style, personality, and fun to every step! 😊

I hope these grip socks will bring you as much joy as it did for me. Cheers!


This is that one pair you will ever need! Versatile for home, fitness, and all kinds of events - ideal for any moment and any time.


We use eco-friendly materials. Our non-toxic grips are safe for human and pets!

Stay Balanced

Whether you are walking at home on hardwood floors or engaging in fitness activities like pilates and yoga, our non-slip grip socks have you covered.

Comfortable and Premium

Made with premium textiles to maximize style and comfort.