be nice to our mother earth


Alive & Aglow is passionate about crafting high-quality textiles while prioritizing sustainability and ethical practices. we are dedicated to ensuring that every step of our production process aligns with our values.

that means:

[ ethical manufacturing ] - we work with manufacturers that holds the highest standard, whether they are from Canada or across the world. we only work with those who undergoes regular audits, this includes safe work conditions, fair wages, and zero tolerance for child labor.

[ sustainable materials ] - sustainability is the core of everything we do, and what we have been proud of since day 1. we carefully select materials that have minimal environmental impact, prioritizing organic cotton, recycled polyester, and eco-friendly dyes. this is how we minimize our carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier planet.

[ that 1 pair you'll ever need ] - our grip socks are designed with lasting durability in mind. utilizing cutting-edge technology, our grips maintain their traction over time, unlike generic grip socks found in large retailers like superstores or Amazon.


OEKO-TEX is a globally trusted label, which assures the cleanliness and safety of products and their components. this means: [ safe ] workplaces, [ no ] child labor, [ low ] pollution level, and [ non-hazardous ] materials.

recycling starts from us

we are committed to support sustainability through waste reduction and commit to truth in materials. certified by the Global Recycled Standard, our textiles are recycled materials to protect our mother earth.


our grip socks are ethically manufactured in our hometown of China, where they undergo annual audits to ensure compliance with BSCI standards. meanwhile, our fleece sets for 2024 and beyond are proudly made in Canada. check out our fleece sets product page for further details.


Our commitment to sustainability and ethical practices is an ongoing journey. We continuously evaluate and improve our practices, seeking out new opportunities to reduce our environmental impact and enhance the well-being of everyone who are part of the Alive & Aglow family.