Our focus for 2024 is to support at least 1% of our sales to those in need, specifically aiding women facing various challenges. we believe that by dedicating our resources to initiatives supporting women in need, we can play a significant role in empowering and uplifting these individuals towards a brighter future, both mentally, physically, and financially. We aim to make a meaningful difference in the lives of women, fostering resilience, equality, and opportunities for success.


As a mother of a 5-year-old, Jenny is deeply committed to fostering youth well-being. In 2023, we supported $3,640 CAD to non-profit organizations such as the West Coast Kids Cancer Foundation, Adlerian Psychology Association of B.C., and the Cinderella Project Society. Recognizing the importance of providing support and resources to children, we focused on promoting mental wellness among youth through education and advocacy. We aim to uplift and empower the next generation, ensuring that they have the necessary resources and opportunities to embrace a bright future ahead of them.