Our Story, Our Promise

When you choose to wear Alive & Aglow, you're not only embracing a healthier lifestyle but also contributing a meaningful impact to environmentally friendly and sustainable fashion.

Why Us?

Our Belief


Alive & Aglow is an Asian-owned brand rooted in Vancouver. Jenny, the Founder of Alive & Aglow, discovered her passion for grip socks during her Pilates/Lagree sessions, and this passion seamlessly transitioned into an integral part of her daily attire.


Elevate both your daily activities and workout sessions with our premium, fashionable, and versatile grip socks, meticulously crafted from high-quality organic cotton and non-toxic silicon materials. The moment you put on your grip socks is the moment when you’ll feel motivated to complete your goals of the day!


We believe that grip socks extend beyond fitness routines; they can seamlessly integrate into your everyday wear. Our distinct designs imbue these socks with versatility. From home to outdoor to the studio, our grip socks have you covered for all occasions - they are just socks after all!

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